woman in a tailored blazer

Photo: Ben Goldstein/Studio D

1. Fit Is Paramount
"French women wear clothes that flatter their bodies, regardless of trends," says Theallet. Know what styles fit your shape, and invest in a tailor to ensure that your clothes hang well.

silver bracelets

Photo: Chris Eckert

2. Express Your Personality
"The right accessories add a special touch. I think it's very chic to wear several bracelets on one wrist."

girl in a cardigan

Photo: Chris Craymer

3. Hide Your Weaknesses, Play Up Your Strengths
If you don't have toned arms, add a cardigan; if you love your collarbone, "wear a shoulder bow to draw attention to the area."

red lipstick

Photo: Ben Goldstein/Studio D

4. Attitude Counts
"Red lipstick and black jeans are my uniform. But a smile is very important, too!"

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