Green and pink fashions from the Jordan Women's Collection

The Inspiration for the Jordan Women's Collection
For 20 years, women have begged Michael Jordan for one thing—and it's not what you think! After receiving thousands of letters from ladies who were sick of shopping in the boys' department for Air Jordan attire, Michael is debuting his line of women's clothing!

The first look in the Jordan Women's Collection is a color scheme never before used by Michael—green and pink! The Air Jordan logo is also different—it's written in cursive.
Black and yellow fashions from the Jordan Women's Collection

Jordan Women's Collection Goes Retro
Whether you're shopping for shorts, pants, tanks or tees, Michael's women's collection has it all. For these black and yellow ensembles, Michael and his team went back in time through the Air Jordan line for inspiration.

"People don't realize…in the past the men's clothes were influenced by the women," Michael says. "I've always taken [ideas] from the ladies and incorporated it into the shoes [and] the clothes."
Tan sweatsuit from the Jordan Women's Collection

Michael's Daughter's Favorite
Michael says that his daughter loves the tan sweatsuit with accented sleeves that this model is wearing. "She's gotten all this, and she looks good in it," Michael says.

When Michael sat down to design this collection with his team, he says he wanted to make sure each outfit was relaxed and comfortable, but nice enough to wear out to lunch with friends after a good workout.
Red and black fashions from the Jordan Women's Collection

Team Spirit
As a member of six Chicago Bulls NBA championship teams, Michael made sure that at least one outfit was done in the team's spirited red-and-black scheme. In keeping with the feminine approach, he also threw in a pink and black zip-up jacket and warm-up pant.

What's another girly element that's hard to miss? Sparkles around his signature "jumpman" logo!
Orange and white fashions from the Jordan Women's Collection

Workout in Orange and White
Oprah may have liked the orange and white shoes that went with these two workout outfits, but Michael says he's pleased with everything the designers created for his women's collection.

"Our team did a great job," Michael says. "I work very closely with the team. I give my opinions. They give me their opinions, and it's not always to my liking. They've gone against me a couple times, but for the most part, we come together. … We understand what the mission and what the focus is, and the product is always looking great."