DioNe's saddlebags

Say goodbye to saddlebags, thick thighs, saggy breasts and any other body flaw that you don't want the world to see! Fashion experts Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine show you how to dress in fashion that fits your form and covers your flaws!

If you're like a lot of women, you're probably interested in minimizing saddlebags. Bias-cut skirts or dresses that cling to the hips are suicide for women with pear-shaped bodies and larger bottoms. Just take a look at DioNe in her clingy, bias-cut dress and you're sure to spot her saddlebags.
DioNe's makeover

If you have saddlebags like DioNe, but you want to wear a sassy, sexy dress, then go for an A-line that flares out like DionNe is wearing now! An A-line in any length will glide over your saddlebags and no one will ever know they're there.
Ruth's saddlebags

Ruth had a hard time finding clothes that fit due to her pear-shape body: She is small on top and almost two sizes larger on her bottom. "Ruth [wore] this black, tragic, tent dress and a jacket that hit her at her wide saddlebag," says Trinny. And, according to the What Not to Wear duo's rules, there is no excuse for wearing oversized, boxy clothes to hide a flabby tummy, a flat butt, saddlebags or an entire pear shape.
Ruth's makeover

"Now, she's so sassy! The collar is sharp and modern but this 3/4-length jacket is the savior of the saddlebag woman," says Trinny. "It gives you a waist and elongates you."
Liz's thick arms and small waist

Susannah says, "Liz works out so she has quite large upper arms but she has a tiny waist." Like many busy women, however, Liz covered her soft girly-girl figure with baggy sweats and T-shirts! The mission? To balance out Liz's body shape with a fashionable outfit.
Liz's makeover

A few clothing tricks brought out Liz's best features and disguised her bulky areas. "A short jacket hides big arms, and we all know that A-line skirts disguise heavy or muscular thighs," says Susannah. "And the stripes down the sleeves elongate and slim the arms."
Terry's clothes emphasize her stomach

Flabby tummy a problem? Don't make it an even bigger one! Terry's gathered skirt emphasized her protruding tummy and added years to her appearance. And layers of clothing were hiding her perfect breasts!
Terry's makeover

The first step was teaching Terry how to wear a bra that helps create the illusion of a waist by uplifting the breasts. Susannah says her gathered shirt is also key. "You don't know what's the fat and what's the fabric. And we've got the trousers going across the middle of the belly which reduces the size."

Other tummy-trimming tricks: wrap dresses, low-waisted skirts, and jeans one size too big. Avoid: short T-shirts, pleated pants and belted jackets.
Irma's petite figure

Believe it or not, women with petite figures don't look good in everything. Big, baggy clothes can ruin a perfectly petite body. Take Irma, a 37-year-old mother of three. She was wearing gigantic clothing that overpowered her small shape.
Irma's makeover

For petite women like Irma, seamless dresses or dresses of the same color in varying shades create the illusion of length. And the more skin you can show, the better—even on your feet! For instance, an ankle strap would cut off the line of the leg. Following this fashion advice, Irma looks taller, more shapely and gorgeous!
Carla's broad shoulders and long legs

Carla is a 34-year-old full-time firefighter, a wife and mother of three who's got a three-alarm fashion emergency. In an average week she says she wears sweats seven times. "I'm in a man's profession," says Carla. "I wear men's clothes. I want to dress a little more girly."

She has a fabulous figure. It's long, lean and muscular. So what's the fashion challenge? She wants to dress comfortably while also strategically playing down her broad shoulders and thick, muscular legs. Plus, she wants to show off her feminine side.
Carla's makeover

A tailored jacket, long scarf and thigh-skimming pants give Carla's tall, broad-shouldered body a new shape! Her jacket is soft and tailored to fit so it complements—and doesn't enlarge—her broad shoulders. Her thighs are muscular so her trousers skim, rather than cling, to her leg. And because Carla doesn't often wear heels, she's wearing a wedged heel to bring her long legs and low waist into proportion. A long scarf skims down her center and takes off more weight.
Adoree's top-heavy

Are you top-heavy like Adoree? Like most top-heavy women, Adoree chose to wear boxy jackets to cover her breasts, but she also obscured any definition of a waist. And the large pattern on her jacket was making her look eight inches wider than she really is. Susannah wanted to get her into a new bra, and Trinny wanted to get her out of her "traffic warden" shoes.
Adoree's makeover

Adoree's new look gives her an hourglass figure. A V-neck sweater with a tailored jacket over the top balances out her body and creates the illusion of a waist.