Getting a Foot in the Door

Britnee Foreman, 25

A recent college graduate finds sophisticated ways to get noticed.
Britnee's story:
Britnee moved to New York two years ago with a marketing degree from Baylor University, ready to conquer the world—or at least the music industry. Since then she's held internships, worked in retail, written concert reviews, and learned to light a concert venue, but a regular paycheck remains elusive.

What she's looking for:
Britnee has always been a serious music lover, but she had never considered trying to make a living from her passion until she realized that her first college major, fashion design, wasn't going to lead to a career. Then it hit her: An entry-level position in artist management would indulge her creativity and her need to be in charge. A recent internship as an assistant manager for the band Black Taxi saw her lugging instruments in freezing weather to a New Year's Eve concert in Boston—and loving it. Britnee now knows where she's going; she just needs some help getting there. "I don't require a huge salary," she says. "I just want to love what I do!"


Career strategy:
Since getting a job is often about who you know, Britnee needs to take her networking to the next level, says Barbara Safani, president of Career Solvers in Manhattan. Instead of sending her résumé to postings on job boards or even to people she meets in the industry, she should request specific information, like an introduction to an HR manager or a brief coffee date. She should also expand her presence on Twitter—a thriving meeting place for professionals in creative industries and an easy way to increase visibility—by following and occasionally responding to tweets by executives at the companies she'd most like to work for. "I'm a little shy for Twitter, but I'll do anything to be around music," says Britnee.

Résumé strategy:
Fletcher updates Britnee's résumé with fresher, more creative formatting, a hint of color, a positive quote from a manager at Spin (where she interned), and an emphasis on Britnee's willingness to work long hours.

See Britnee's new, professional (but still chic!) look
Photo: Robert Trachtenberg


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