Angeline Alvarez-Davis

Photo: Lorenzo Agius

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Her Beauty Treatment
The Clothes: "I'm self-conscious about my hips and butt, so I wear things that cover them up—usually dark slacks or jeans," says Angelina, who sticks to a mostly neutral color palette. Slinky and fire-engine red, this Gabriela Cadena gown is everything Angelina thought she couldn't wear. It hugs her tiny waist while flattering her hips, and the strategic draping makes her petite figure look tall and willowy.

The Hair and Makeup: Red lights on Angelina's commute afford her just enough time to apply black eyeliner and mascara. Sarah showed her why it's worth investing a few more minutes. Navy eyeliner, traced all the way around Angelina's eyes, defined their almond shape, and a creamy nude lipstick made her mouth appear fuller. To create her new bombshell hairstyle. Ken trimmed about seven inches, wove in highlights, and had Angelina trade her curl-crunching gel for a mousse. The result: touchable hair that frames her features.

Her Reaction: "To have all of this positive attention focused on me felt so amazing! I never thought I could feel bold enough to chop off my hair or wear a clingy dress that shows off my figure."

Dress, Gabriela Cadena. Earrings, Ben-Amun. Bracelet, Glynneth B.