tippi hedren

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Tippi Hedren
84, Actress + activist

Most famous for her film debut in 1963's The Birds (she still includes little drawings of birds as part of her signature), Hedren is also the founder of the Roar Foundation, a nonprofit educational organization that supports the Shambala Preserve, an exotic-animal sanctuary in Acton, California.

Style philosophy: "It's fun to dress now. We were stuck in so many rules in the past! Now you can be more creative and go to a cocktail party in skinny jeans, a great top and heels."

Go-to outfit: "I like dresses with straight skirts, not full, because I'm short. Jeans. And I found this really wonderful jacket at Bebe that's black and short and faux leather. Every time I wear it, someone wants to steal it from me."

Stay-young secret: "I eat a lot of fish and vegetables, avoid meat and bread, and work out every morning. And I'm working all the time for Shambala. Having a goal keeps you vibrant and healthy and alive."

Jacket, 1. State. Top, Diane von Furstenberg. Skirt, Adeam. Earrings, T+J Designs. Cuff, Robert Lee Morris. Shoes, Brian Atwood, 212-753-4000.