Susan Martin

Photo: Sergio Kurhajec

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This is Now: Perfect Pants
As she lost weight, Martin rewarded herself with new gym clothes. But a workout wardrobe can't do it all. These cigarette pants have just enough stretch to fit right in both the waist and thigh. Glassman pairs them with a vibrant, loose top. "You don't want to do tight on the top and bottom," he says. "You need to balance it out." Don't be afraid to try heels or a heeled bootie with skinny pants. "And to really go for the long-and-lean look," Glassman adds, "match the tone of the shoe to the pant. Dark navy pants like these look great with a dark brown, black, or charcoal shoe."

Worked for Me!
"I finally learned that your mind plateaus just like your body does—so if you run around the same track 1,000 times, you're eventually going to give up. Now, to keep myself engaged in working out, I do boot camps, I create little bench workouts, and I never run the same route twice in one week."

Pants, Theory, $245; Top, Reiss, $180. Earrings, Deanna Hamro at Fragments; 212-334-9588. Necklace, Nadia Lee by Adia Kibur; Bracelets, Zeffira, Kevia, and Sushma Patel. Shoes, René Caovilla.