This red-hot pair is perfect for a little black dress.

Christian Louboutin shoes are so exquisite, they're like works of art for your feet! Every part of every shoe is handmade—right down to its signature red sole. "Christian likes to say when he designs a shoe it's much more like designing a jewelry collection than it is following fashion," says Christian Louboutin spokeswoman Shawna Rose.

This hot pink pair is a perfect example of that! "The black crystals across the front are like three bracelets laying across your toe," Shawna says. "If you have a black-tie event and all you have is a black dress, then you've got all your accessories in one place."

Oprah says she has a place for this shoe, but it's not on her feet. "I would take that shoe out of the box, and I would just sort of have it on the counter," she says. "I'm not kidding, y'all. I would put it on the shelf like a piece of sculpture to look at."
These shoes were inspired by flamenco dancers.

Dancers also inspire Christian Louboutin's creations. "This has a Spanish flamenco feel from the black ruffle in the front," Shawna says.

Shawna says these shoes accentuate the sexiness of the arch of the foot—one of Christian's favorite parts of the foot—but they're also made for a twirl around the dance floor. "The T-strap keeps your foot in place," she says.
These everyday shoes have a hint of sex appeal.

Christian Louboutin also makes shoes for everyday wear—but with a hint of sexiness. These plum pumps are a classic style, but the curved heel and placement of the strap give them added oomph. "Sexy and very feminine," Oprah says.
Oprah calls these 'Hurt me, Mama!' shoes.

Mellow yellow these shoes aren't! "This is a great feminine update on a silhouette I think people have come to equate with Louboutin, with this beautiful handmade bow," Shawna says. "Very much elongates the leg."

But true beauty might come at a price—Oprah calls these "Hurt me, Mama!" shoes. "You look pretty when you first walk in the room, then go sit down. That's what you need to do," Oprah jokes. "Because you're not standing long."
Oprah calls these 'Dorothy' shoes.

Oprah already has this sparkly pair at home—all she needs is the matching handbag! "I call them my Dorothy shoes," Oprah says.

In fact, that's exactly what inspired Christian to create these shoes. "Christian likes to play with iconic images. Every little girl going into womanhood dreams of the Cinderella shoe and the ruby slipper, and that's the personification of that," Shawna says.

Oprah says this is a shoe that can go with anything. "I've worn it with jeans on this show, and I've also worn it out with evening wear. It's fantastic," she says.
Oprah says these shoes are conversation starters.

Oprah says this shoe is a conversation onto itself! "That shoe says, 'Talk to me,'" she says. "That's the kind of shoe you walk in the room and you say, 'Look at my feet.'"

"[The shoe also says] 'Look at me from behind,'" Shawna says, "which is what Christian thinks about very much."

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