Sample sales used to be just that—leftover clothes sold for cheap to industry insiders in New York's garment district. These days you can find reductions on designer merchandise wherever you live, says O's creative director, Adam Glassman. Here, his favorite resources. Two 48-hour sales three times a week. Use code OPRAH for $25 off first purchase. Main focus is on accessories. Savings of up to 70 percent. Private sales of everything from home to beauty to fashion. Sells one discounted item at a time, in limited quantities. You can arrange e-mail and cell phone alerts. More than 300 luxury brands; sale events and giveaways. Use code OPRAHMAG for an invitation. Two-day sales with lots of inventory. Use code O to get $15 off in September and October.

EBay: Vintage finds. Tracks price fluctuations on a given item so you can jump on a sale. They'll also show you how to get money back after you've already bought an item. Offers printable coupons and online discounts usable at places like Macy's, Ann Taylor and The Gap. You pick the brands and sizes that interest you (there are more than 600 to choose from), and ShopItToMe will send you e-mail bulletins about online sales. Photos of giveaways—think accessories clothes and books—are posted and members make a deal. You only have to pay postage. The same concept as RehashClothes. Focused on clothes, accessories, cosmetics and shoes.

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