Silver-fawn eyeshadow

Silver-Fawn Shadow
Why You'll Love It: The shade's sandy base is warm; its shimmer, cool as steel. The combination is soft and wearable. A light dusting of powder (or smudge of cream) over your lids, plus a highlight in the inner corners of your eyes, illuminates your whole face. "This color looks beautiful worn alone or as an accent, and looks especially beautiful on darker skin tones," says celebrity makeup artist Maria Verel.
Muted purple eyeshadow

Muted Purple Shadow
Why You'll Love It: From glistening lilacs with pink undertones to blue-based lavenders and smoky amethysts, there's a purple for everyone—even those of us who thought ourselves too pale to pull it off. Keep it sheer and below the crease. If you're especially color shy, ease in to purple by lining only your lower lashes with a smoky shade. And remember: "The deeper your skin tone, the braver you can be with color," says Verel.
Cream and gloss eyeshadow

Cream and Gloss Shadow
Why You'll Love It: Eyeshadows in creamy and glossy textures are luminous and sheer and take no time to apply. And they can look dressy, but in a kind of subtle way that says you're not trying too hard. Using your finger, pat color all over lids, bringing it just above the crease. Keep the rest of your face understated and, even more important, keep it matte: "Accentuate only one feature with gloss to avoid looking greasy," says Verel.
Warm shades of mascara

Warm Shades of Mascara
Why You'll Love It: The newest shades—golden brown, forest green, inky plum—are beautifully subdued and add richness with only a suggestion of color to lashes. The most successful (and tasteful) way to wear colored mascara is minimally and in concert with black mascara. After applying black from roots to tips, hit just the tips of your top lashes with color or wear it on your bottom lashes only.
Richly colored liquid lip liner

Richly Colored Liquid Liner
Why You'll Love It: It's not nearly as tricky to master as you might have thought. And just a trace of brilliant plum or gold placed precisely at the outer corners of the eyes can make a minimalist everyday look seem more polished. Apply liquid liner after eyeshadow and before mascara. To create the most precise line, says Verel, let your lashes be your guide: Rest the liner on top of the roots of your lashes, then slowly pull it across your lashline.
Chocolate brown lipstick

Chocolate Brown Lipstick
Why You'll Love It: The textures and finishes of fall's brown lipsticks are as rich and varied as a box of truffles. Which is great, because while one day you may be partial to a sheer, slightly shimmering milk chocolate, the next you may have a taste for matte cocoa with a copper tinge. "Skip lip liner to keep the look soft," says Verel. Dab lipstick on straight from the tube, and smudge. Then warm up your complexion with pale pink blush, suggests makeup artist Sonia Kashuk.
Creamy matte lipcolor

Creamy Matte Lipcolor
Why You'll Love It: Whether you go for an antique rose or a wash of Bordeaux, there's something very delicate and vintage-like about mattes. And the newest formulas are creamy and emollient, so they never look (or feel) dated. "The trick to wearing mattes is to keep lips looking supple and approachable, rather than cakey or waxen," says Verel. Lightly apply color with your finger for a velvety stain. Then create balance: "Eyes should be simple, neutral, with a hint of shimmer," says Kashuk.
Shimmering pink blush

Shimmering Pink Blush
Why You'll Love It: Even when you're wearing nothing else on your face, a pink gleam so slight you'll notice it only when the light hits your skin makes you look fresh and resplendent. Wear these blushes any way you please, high on the cheekbone or on the apples of your cheeks. "This very light pink is a safe shade that looks great on every woman and works with almost every eye and lip color," says Kashuk. The beauty of these textures is that the shimmer is fairy-dust subtle.
Deep brown nail color

Deep Brown Nail Color
Why You'll Love It: Deep browns, like vampy reds, look classic on nails, but their sophisticated, earthy character softens them, making brown, we think, almost as wearable as baby pink or beige. "Dark browns look best on rounded square nails that extend just past the tip of the finger," says Jan Arnold, cofounder of Creative Nail Design. If you have trouble maintaining a manicure, choose metallic shades, which tend to adhere to nails better and last longer than shimmerless ones.