LAMB Fall Ready to Wear

Photo: Thomas Concordia/Getty Images

Trend: In the Army
Clearly, designers took inspiration from world events, but unless you're enlisting, let's reserve the full-on fatigues for those who are serving our country.

Here to Stay: One Trendy Accent Piece

I love camouflage: It's neutral and wearable. But a little goes a long way. Try an army jacket or scarf or cargo pants.
Alexander Wang fall ready to wear

Photo: Dan Lecca

Trend: Bare Midriff
I'm not sure why designers thought this would be a good idea—in fall and winter, no less! Unless you're at the gym or on the beach, no adult woman should show this much midsection in public.

Here to Stay: The Bustier

Wear a timelessly sexy corset-style top. To offset its flirtiness, put it under a suit jacket with menswear-inspired trousers.
Hermes Fall ready to wear

Photo: Dan Lecca

Trend: Second-Skin Leather
Unless you want to be mistaken for a dominatrix, it's best to avoid the head-to-toe, leather-on-leather look.

Here to stay: Just a Little Leather

Every woman should have a leather jacket: It takes you through spring and fall, looks great on all ages, and gets better the more you break it in. (I also love a leather legging or pencil skirt.)
Badgley Mischka fall ready to wear

Photo: Eric Ryan/Getty Images

Trend: Gold Lamé
A long, gilded tinfoil dress? I'm thinking Solid Gold dancer....

Here to stay: Shiny Separates.

A gold lamé skirt or blouse is a better way to shine. You could wear one piece at night, of course, but matched with something plain (like a cashmere sweater or a white button-down), it's also great for day.
Marc Jacobs fall ready to wear

Photo: Dan Lecca

Trend: Bulky Knits
I get it; this time of year, we just want to be warm. But unless you're extremely tall and svelte, the thick knits on the runways will make you look like the Michelin Man.

Here to stay: A Cardigan.

Stick to knits up top; you don't want to add fullness on the bottom. With a well-cut sweater, you'll avoid adding ten pounds to your frame.

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