Brow expert Eliza Petrescu has a few tips.
1. Use a soft brow pencil with a slightly powdery texture (if it's too creamy, the color will smudge). It should be at least two shades lighter than your haircolor—unless you have white or very blonde hair. In that case, choose a pencil two shades darker than your hair. Eliza actually used one of only two colors—medium blonde and brunette—on all nine of these women. If you have very dark skin and dark hair, you can use a charcoal brow pencil—but no one should ever use black.

2. With a spoolie (the wiry brush often found at the end of a brow pencil), brush brow hairs down, then softly trace (don't press) the pencil along the brows' upper edges. Brush hairs back in place.

3. Fill the inner corners and tail ends with light, short strokes of the pencil. Run the spoolie over the entire length of the brows to soften and blend the color.

4. A note on timing: Fill in your brows after you apply foundation but before eye makeup. You will probably find that once they're more defined, you'll need less liner and mascara to look bright eyed.

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