"We may flirt with color, but we always go back to black." — June

"I don't dress up. I'll go as far as a little black dress—big scoop neck, cotton jersey, long sleeves, comes to the knee. It's easy to travel with, easy to put on." — Jenny

"Sometimes I buy vintage for black-tie events. It's a smart way to get something special for not too much money. Every actress I know does it." — Mary Alice

"Buy a long black skirt, a really stunning one, for formal events. Then get different blouses to go with it." — Ann

"Something simple and sleek is less identifiable. You can wear a dress over and over, and no one will ever know." — Mary Alice

"For a one-time formal event, rent a gown for the night." (Try Albright's or One Night Affair.) — Jenny

"I dress down for more formal occasions. I want to be very comfy and at ease in a high-pressure situation. To me black tie can be a short cocktail dress." — Tia

"Overly sexual dressing is my pet peeve. If you are sexy, you don't need clothes to signal that." — Mary Alice

Pictured above: "Everyone needs a little black dress—with sleeves or without, short sleeves or three-quarter," says Michele. Dress, $554, Chaiken.


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