"Become an expert on your body: Play up what you love about it and play down what you don't." — Michele

"I have no waist, so I always wear belts low on the hips." — Jenny

"Style is not a size. If you can squeeze into the 10 but the 12 fits better, buy the bloody 12! Nobody is reading your tags." — Michele

"When you're feeling heavy, splurge on new jewelry or makeup." — Mary Alice

"If you're fuller on top, watch out for gapping between buttons. Sit down in a blouse you're trying on to see what it will do." — Michele

"Boxy styles make you look like a box." — Michele

"For me the problem is finding long enough pants and sleeves. I end up wearing a lot of men's things." — Jenny

"If you have big boobs, avoid breast pockets at all costs—please! Same with back pockets if you have a big butt." — Michele
Pictured above: Tops with volume are a Mary Alice signature—preferably with longer sleeves: "My upper arms aren't my favorite body part." Michele, too, heralds the return of the tunic, because it's slimming when layered over peg-leg pants. Tunic, $750, Tory Burch.


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