"I always do some kind of heel. You need it for elongating your silhouette." — Michele

"I love a big, wide belt. It ties a look together and makes it pop." — June

"I like unstructured jackets—I don't wear the tailored kind." — Tia

"Fitted white button-down shirts are seasonless and go with everything." — June

"Flat-front pants in lightweight tropical wool with some stretch give you the leanest look." — Michele

"No one 'can't afford' great fashion anymore. Trends are available at so many prices." — Mary Alice

"I do a lot of H&M and Zara." — Jenny

"My closet is mostly black pants, jeans, and black and white shirts." — Ann

"Who cares if skinny pants are the latest thing? My uniform is boot-cut pants with flats. I love heels on other people, but I don't need them to make me feel feminine." — Mary Alice
Pictured above: Boots are essential—June's are equipped with the 4-inch heels she wears all day, every day. Stilettos, $845, Jimmy Choo.


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