These designers, stylists, and retail experts are women not unlike us, with too many shoes, not enough time to shop and body parts they'd rather not advertise. Listen in on their personal rules and wear-tested fashion strategies—for shopping, dressing and looking great.

Meet our experts:
  • The Modern Classicist: Ann Caruso, Freelance fashion editor, stylist, and consultant
  • The World Traveler: Tia Cibani, Creative director for the clothing label Ports 1961
  • The Plus-Size Authority: Michele Weston, cofounder of Selling Style, a marketing company
  • The Chic Realist: Jenny Capitain, Contributing fashion editor for O, The Oprah Magazine
  • The Glamour Girl: June Haynes, Vice president of retail for Valentino USA
  • The Queen of Ease: Mary Alice Stephenson, Fashion editor, TV commentator, and consultant


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