alva, jaunel and shelby

Photo: Lorenzo Agius

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The Trailblazers
"At the time I didn't know the significance of what we did at Versailles; I was just happy to be there," says Alva Chinn, flanked by Jaunel McKenzie and Shelby Coleman. "But there's always somebody who makes an entryway for the next generation."

Learn more about the stunning women who lit up the runway at 1973's Battle of Versailles.

From left, on Jaunel: Dress, Ali Ro, $265. Earrings, Lionette Designs by Noa Sade. Necklace, Deanna Hamro. Bracelet, Coralia Leets. On Alva: Shirt and skirt, L'Wren Scott. Vest, Stella McCartney, $815. Bracelet, Roarke New York. On Shelby: Dress, Tory Burch, $595. Necklace, Glamourpuss NYC. Bracelet, Ben-Amun