Hide dark circles in a hurry: Neutralize blue tones by applying an apricot colored concealer or primer. And use a light eyeshadow that won't emphasize darkness or highlight fine lines, like a shimmer-free bone shade. But if puffiness is your problem, putting coverup on top can reflect light and make your undereye area look more pronounced. Martin says it's better to apply a concealer that matches your skin tone to the inner corners of your eyes and buff it out along the sockets with your ring finger. To look more awake, add a coat of mascara to your top lashes only, wiggling it into the roots and rolling out to the ends. Be careful not to pump the wand in the tube—this causes mascara to dry out more quickly, says Creer.

Fix a smudge—fast: Martin says applying a creamy concealer with your finger will break down the pigment and blend it out—so much easier than washing off a mascara flub and starting over.

Apply liner on the move: Add a swipe of eyeliner across your upper lashes to define and perk up tired eyes. For a steadier hand and smoother line, rest your pinkie on the tip of your nose, says Martin.

Stop static in seconds: Friction caused by rubbing hair against the headrest during a flight or a lengthy commute can wreak havoc on your blow-out. To get frizz under control, massage a pea-size drop of hand cream into your palms and lightly run them over your hair. For extra holding power, warm a bit of clear lip balm between your fingertips and slick it over any flyaways.

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