Tina before and after her makeover

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Tina is approaching 40 and is afraid she has lost her sense of style along the way. "As a result of throwing yourself into the role of mom with two young kids, you sometimes lose a little bit of yourself—your style," Tina says. Unfortunately, her high-waisted tapered jeans and high-tops sneakers that she's held onto since the 1980s aren't doing her any fashion favors.

Charla gives Tina's time-warped look a major overhaul by bringing her up-to-date with the latest trends. "This is an example of the hot trend called chunky knit," Charla says. Her gray sweater from Nordstrom over a stripped Missoni dress and brown tights by DKNY are warm yet stylish. "You can be comfortable and still be chic," she says.

Tina's style wasn't the only thing that needed a makeover. "Oprah, she only had one bra and it was a sports bra," Charla says. "So the first thing we did when we got to Nordstrom? We had her fitted. We got her girls up there!"