Goldie's before and after

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Goldie is 44 years old and has admirably kept off a 65-pound weight loss for the past two years. Now she needs help learning how to dress her new body. "I still am under the illusion that I don't have a waist," she says. Her unflattering clothes are also making Goldie look older—she was once mistaken as her daughter's grandmother! "I have to tell you, that was a real blow," she says.

Lloyd says that there was one thing about Goldie's style that he didn't want to change. "She was never afraid of color," he says. To give Goldie's style an update, Lloyd dressed her in jewel tones. "Jewel tones, ladies, work on every skin tone," he says. He chose a Norma Kamali dress from Nordstrom in a jersey fabric to flatter Goldie's figure. "That's going to cling where she wants it and give forgiveness where she doesn't."

Goldie's emerald green bag goes with Lloyd's jewel-tone trend, complementing the colors in the outfit without matching them. "That matchy-matchy bag and shoe thing will put you 10 decades behind," Lloyd says.