Kimberley before and after her makeover

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After having four children, 38-year-old Kimberly says she's frustrated with how her clothes fit over her ever-increasing midsection. "When I wear fitted tops or shirts, I just feel like it's hugging my fat and I don't know what to do about it," she says. "I don't really think I'm old enough to wear old ladies' jeans, but I don't like my butt hanging out of junior jeans."

Charla doesn't want to dress Kimberly in old lady jeans either! Instead, she teaches Kimberly a few tricks to conceal her problem areas. Starting with what you can't see, Charla gives Kimberly a shaper called Lipo in a Box ( "It's high-waisted and it goes down to a mid-thigh biker short. The reason I love this piece is it doesn't have a bra so you can wear the absolute best bra that you can buy and not just settle for the one that's in the shaper," Charla says.

Kimberly is wearing Robert Rodriguez wide leg pants from Nordstrom that Charla says are a great shape for many women. "They have extra space in the thigh area where we all need it. It's a comfortable pant compared to the skinny pant from last season where every ripple of cellulite showed." The pants also have a high rise, which Charla says is more flattering than a low rise. "It makes her look long, lean and powerful." Kimberly's new look is complete with a patent leather belt from Nordstrom to cinch in her waist.