Cenell before and after her makeover

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With her wardrobe staples consisting of baggy sweats, tired jeans and old-fashioned dresses, you might not guess that Cenell once competed in the Mrs. Ohio beauty pageant. "Between work and my kids, I worry that I've let myself go," Cenell says. To get this 30-something mom back in style, Lloyd took her out of her sweats and into new clothes that show off her knock-out figure. "She looks like she's in her 20s now!" Lloyd says.

Lloyd gave Cenell her age-defying look with a trend-setting metallic party dress from Saks Fifth Avenue by Marc by Marc Jacobs. "Metallics bring out that inner shine," Lloyd says. Cenell will also be able to get mileage out of her dress by dressing it up or down. "She can put this on over her favorite pair of dark jeans and do a girls' night out or [pair it with] sexy boots or heels and take it to a candlelight dinner with her man," Lloyd says.