Lloyd's timeless look includes a black trench and animal print skirt.

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Lloyd says women should feel hot and sexy at any age—he suggests an animal print piece to do the trick.

His luxury look from Saks Fifth Avenue costs a total of just under $6,000, including a Jean Paul Gaultier black trench for $2,995, paired with a white blouse for $800, gold flats from Chanel for $630, an $1,150 handbag and a skinny belt for $85. "Ladies, get a crisp, white shirt every season. Don't let the yellow ones come into your life. You have fresh ones out of your closet like tissues," Lloyd says. To finish off the look, Lloyd adds a knee-length leopard print skirt for $325. "I've seen ladies in their 60s work them better than women in their 20s, because they've been around forever," he says. "If you do it right at the knee, you can do it with a fun gold flat."

Women can get a similar look for around $355, Lloyd says. He finds a black trench at Express for $128 and pairs it with a crisp white shirt for $39.50 and a leopard skirt for $59.50, adding a $28 belt at the waist for a flattering fit. "You can belt just about any waist. It's about how you wear it. It's not about function," he says. Lloyd finishes off the look with a $30 bag and $70 shoes.

No matter what your age, you've got to work it! "This is a timeless, classic look, and when you pull this together, you want to make sure you walk into the room like you mean it," he says. "When you come in apologizing like, 'Oh, does this look okay? I'm not sure if this works. Does this work?' People attack you mentally. When you come in like, 'I own the room,' you look as good as this diva."