Lisa's baggy wardrobe

Wearing drab, oversized clothes can add years to your appearance, and that's as much a fashion crime as squeezing into a micro-miniskirt from your younger days just to say you could. Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine teach women how to dress to defy—not deny—your age!

First up is Lisa, a fashion victim who was dressing too large for her shape and hiding her youthful glow. She loved ribbed sweaters, turtlenecks and—worst of all—plaid and striped denim jumpers! Not only were her clothes making her look older, but Lisa's hair—which hadn't been cut in 15 years!—was adding years to her face.
Lisa's makeover

Color and curves brought Lisa's look from drab to fab. Trinny says a big bright pattern can actually hide love handles and thick arms. "With Lisa, too, underwear was very important," says Trinny. "And, you know, we all love Spanx™ [panties]. We all love those suck-me-in-things. Never be scared to show off your butt if you have a big one. Okay? Show it off. And your waist as well."
Flashy Michelle

Michelle, a 41-year-old mother of five, loves to be flashy. Trinny and Susannah are envious of her flawless figure but think Michelle could lose some of her flare and become a real class act. "Michelle has an innate style…but for a 20-year-old," Susannah says.
Michelle's makeover

"We needed [Michelle] to get her age to match her clothes whilst keeping her individuality," says Susannah. "It's quite conservative with the jacket but pairing it with jeans makes it more modern. And when Michelle gets hot or spies someone across the pool, she can take the jacket off and she's got a sexy top underneath."

Michelle still kept a few of her signature touches! "I'll always bling!" she says.
Kristie's turtleneck

Kristi's turtleneck travels halfway up her neck, leaving the other half of her neck looking pathetically short. Plus, Kristi's top provides no defining shape and the fabric ripples in an unflattering way down her stomach.
Kristie's makeover

Kristi looks like she's lost 15 pounds and 15 years! Her scoop neck top—something Trinny and Susannah say you shouldn't wear if your skin is sun damaged or wrinkly—shows off her youthful looking skin and elongates her neck.
Pre-makeover Pamela

After spotting Pamela on the street dressed far beyond her years, Trinny and Susannah were ready to create a new look nothing short of fabulous. Pamela's main problem? She was hiding her elegant long neck with a turtleneck and wearing ill-fitted pants—with the crotch down way too low.
Pamela's makeover

Trinny and Susannah wanted to show-off Pamela's neckline—which her cute new 'do does perfectly! To make Pamela's shoulders appear broader, a top going across her rather than a deep V-neck was chosen. Details such as the rosettes on this top help to camouflage narrowness. Also, wearing a dress over pants is great for hiding little saddlebags!
LaDonna's matching clothes

Trinny and Susannah caught LaDonna red-handed committing some of the most serious fashion crimes! Before, LaDonna was queen of "the match," matching everything from her coral lipstick and shirt, down to her nails—not too mention the big mistake of wearing pleated pants. Her matching outfit washed out her best features, like her glowing skin and marvelous curves.
LaDonna's makeover

Toning the lipstick down and adding more color to her look took 10 years off LaDonna's face! And Trinny says that sometimes, it's really great to show off a butt if you have one! Since LaDonna didn't have much of a waist, the diagonal stripes in the shirt create one—a wrap top is another great option to do the same trick—and accentuated her curvy bottom.
Lorraine's figure

Lorraine had a fabulous face, great color and fabulous flare for style. But she looked 10 pounds heavier than she is, not to mention years older! Lorraine's problem was that she was small on top and large on the bottom, and her wardrobe emphasized her disproportionate figure.
Lorraine's makeover

Trinny put Lorraine in a tailored suit in a stiff fabric to show off her waist and firm up her tush. "You can't wear a flimsy chiffon," says Trinny. "You can't wear a jersey that clings to maybe a little cellulite. You need something firm. Just look at this shape we've created!"