Susana Monaco jersey dress

Ancient Greece and Rome were the inspiration for the beautiful drape of this ultrafine jersey dress: "Simple yet sophisticated, it's good on all body types." 

Prada wood heel

For evening, Monaco wears an "elegant, intelligent" high-end heel with one of her own clean-lined designs or a vintage 1950s dress. 

Prada; $1,100; select Prada stores; 888-977-1900
Globe-Trotter suitcase

"I pack extremely light and tight," Monaco says, and her preferred luggage is a vintage-style suitcase with modern durability (not to mention convenient wheels). 

Globe-Trotter; $1,785; for stores)
SALT Optics glasses

Monaco depends on glasses for reading, but beyond that, "I think they make a style statement: They look architectural, intellectual." 

SALT Optics; $260;
Riedell roller skates

"I love the speed and ease of moving around New York City on skates—with great music on the iPod to get my adrenaline going." 

Riedell Skates; $299;
Susana Monaco strapless dress

Seventy-five percent of Monaco's collection is dresses. This strapless is a perennial she'll never drop from the line: "It gives women instant style—just add accessories." 

$174, Olive & Bette's, NYC, 212-712-0473; belt, Kristin Kahle, $96,
Susana Monaco black cami

Monaco is famous for long-wearing, easy-care Supplex pieces, like this cami—"great alone or layered with a shirt for more coverage." 

$70; Olive & Bette's; NYC; 212-712-0473
Lisa Hoffman Spa Facial Packette

"I have a facial every few weeks. It's relaxing," Monaco says. This little kit lets you partake at home. 

Lisa Hoffman Spa Facial Packette; $35;
Red Envelope men's silk pajamas

Men's-style silk pajamas are a treat: "They feel so luxurious." 

RedEnvelope; $100;