Myth: Wearing nail polish all the time turns nails yellow.

Fact: True! Nail polish contains pigment, which can stain the nails, especially the darker tones. One way to avoid this is by applying a clear base coat before you apply color to act as a barrier.

Myth: You should never tweeze above the brow.

Fact: False! Sometimes to achieve the proper eyebrow shape for your face, it is absolutely necessary to tweeze above the brow. This can get a little complicated when doing your own, so seek a professional to find out what is the correct shape for you personally.

Myth: Certain skin products can shrink my pores.

Fact: False! It is impossible to change the size of your pores, but you can make them appear smaller. Different products can tighten the skin, which gives the illusion that the pores have diminished. However, it is only temporary.

Myth: Concealer should be applied before foundation.

Fact: False! Concealer should be one to two shades brighter than your foundation to brighten up the undereye area, while blending into the foundation. This step is best achieved by applying the concealer on top of the foundation.

Myth: The best way to grow out your hair is to get it cut on a regular basis.

Fact: False! The amount of times you cut your hair will not alter your normal biologically determined growth pattern. It is true that by cutting the hair, the overall texture can appear healthier as you grow out the hair to achieve a longer length.

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