Q: As a woman of color, I have had the hardest time finding a foundation that will not make my skin appear ashy or gray. What is the correct procedure when purchasing a new color that is right for my skin tone?

A: You want to make sure the foundation has very little titanium dioxide, which is a white powder used in foundations for pigment and as a thickener. This can cause the color to cast a gray undertone on women of color. Go to a department store where you can actually try on the color before purchasing (Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation SPF 15 $42 Apply to your jawline to make sure it blends into your neck, and always give it a few minutes to settle, as the color can change. If possible, take a mirror and walk outdoors to see how the color looks in daylight. A general rule of thumb is you should never be able to see foundation. It should blend into your skin tone.

Q: How do I determine the right eyebrow shape for my facial structure?

A: I believe the eyebrows are the single most important, underestimated feature on the face. The right shape is an imperative part to bringing out the best version of you. If your face is round, you want a higher arch to add more length to the face. If your facial structure is square, you want to go a little softer in the arch, which will then soften your features. If you have a heart-shaped face, the brow should be straighter with less of an arch to shorten the length of the space between the brow and the chin. Oval-shaped faces fall right in between the other facial structures as the arch is not too high or too straight. A slight, gradual arch is recommended.

Regardless of your personal brow shape, always brush hair upward and set with a brow gel to keep the eyes open (Damone Roberts clear brow gel $20 underestimate the power of the right eyebrow, as every face deserves the perfect frame.

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