Array of lipsticksLips may become thinner, drier and creased as we age. They even lose some of their youthful pink color. If you follow masterful makeup artist Laura Mercier's four steps to luscious lips, however, then you could bring back the plump, kissable look of your lips. Pucker up!

Step 1 Hydrate and Protect Your Lips
Laura says she always has something on her lips to protect and hydrate them. Find out exactly what can keep your lips luscious.

Step 2 Create Shiny Lips Bursting with Color
Once your lips are soft and protected, it's time to splash on some color and shine! Find out what types of lipsticks and lip colors are best for maturing lips.

Step 3 Learn Stay-Put Lipstick Tricks
You've applied your lip color and you look fresh and fabulous! You're ready to go, right? Wrong! Try Laura's tricks for stay-put lip color.

Step 4 Kiss Off These Lipsticks!
If your lips have some natural signs of aging, such as creases, you may want to avoid certain lip treatments that can emphasize your flaws and look dry on older lips.
Hydrated lips
  • Laura Mercier suggests conditioning your lips every day with lip products that contain vitamin A, vitamin E and natural emollients.
  • The sun, wind and other elements can dry, chap and wrinkle your lips. Choose lip products with SPF protection of 15 or higher.
  • Laura says she always has something on her lips and you should, too. Your lips are constantly exposed to the elements and need to be protected, so keep a lip balm on hand at all times.

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Creamy lipsticks
  • As you age your lips lose natural moisture, so it's best to use very creamy, hydrating lipsticks that fill in the creases in your lips—your lips will look smoother and shinier. Look for hydrating lipsticks with natural emollients. Examples of creamy lipsticks are pictured above.
  • Sheer lipsticks give a hint of color and wonderful sheen. Best of all, says Laura, they help lips look more plump and youthful, which is fantastic since lips tend to appear thinner as we age.
  • Lip gloss and lip glaces are wonderful for creating super shiny, kissable lips. Just remember to begin applying the gloss from the center—the plumpest part—of the lips. And since glosses and glaces tend to feather and fade more easily on dry or crinkled lips, be sure to re-apply as needed.
  • For color choices, you must consider your skin tone, which can change with age and the seasons. Skin can become more sallow in winter, for example. Everyone is different, but in general Laura suggests that older women consider shying away from bold colors that contrast with their natural skin tones. Seek out muted lip colors and let your natural color and brightness shine through.
  • Observe yourself, Laura says. If your lips have gotten considerably thinner with age, then perhaps drawing the dramatic banana-shaped lips with your lipstick, with an emphasized dip in the center of the top lip, isn't right for you anymore. Follow your intuition!

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Laura applying lip color
  • Say goodbye to lip color that quickly runs off and away! Laura Mercier says lip liner is the true trick for getting lip color to stay put longer. It's especially necessary with creamy or slippery lip colors. After lining your lips with a lip pencil that matches your lip color, fill in the rest of your lips with the lip pencil. It acts as a base for your lip color so your lips look luscious longer.
  • Don't just blot your lips in a tissue and run. If your lips are naturally soft and smooth, Laura suggests pressing a tissue against your lips and then powdering them lightly with a brush or puff.
  • For more mature lips that need a more moist finish, after powdering your lips, simply apply a little more creamy lip color and go!

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  • Laura Mercier says frosted lipsticks usually don't look good on dry or wrinkly lips. They contain shimmery particles that catch the light and draw attention to ridges, which can make dry lips look drier. Unless you have soft, conditioned lips, avoid lipsticks with lots of shimmer and frost. If you want a little shimmer, however, find a lipstick with a light shimmer. There are different levels of shimmer available, says Laura, so just ask a professional which type is right for you.
  • Some matte lipsticks can look chalky on mature or dry lips, says Laura. Avoid them unless your lips are smooth and soft.
  • Laura cautions older women: Be careful with the lip gloss! If your lips are thin, dry or creased, slippery glosses are likely to feather and run off. Apply lip gloss beginning at the center of the lips and reapply as necessary. Also, don't count on glosses to condition your lips. Gloss on dry, wrinkly lips may emphasize your flaws just as a shimmery lip treatment can do. So make sure your lips are conditioned and smooth before applying a very lustrous gloss.

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