• Laura Mercier says frosted lipsticks usually don't look good on dry or wrinkly lips. They contain shimmery particles that catch the light and draw attention to ridges, which can make dry lips look drier. Unless you have soft, conditioned lips, avoid lipsticks with lots of shimmer and frost. If you want a little shimmer, however, find a lipstick with a light shimmer. There are different levels of shimmer available, says Laura, so just ask a professional which type is right for you.
  • Some matte lipsticks can look chalky on mature or dry lips, says Laura. Avoid them unless your lips are smooth and soft.
  • Laura cautions older women: Be careful with the lip gloss! If your lips are thin, dry or creased, slippery glosses are likely to feather and run off. Apply lip gloss beginning at the center of the lips and reapply as necessary. Also, don't count on glosses to condition your lips. Gloss on dry, wrinkly lips may emphasize your flaws just as a shimmery lip treatment can do. So make sure your lips are conditioned and smooth before applying a very lustrous gloss.

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