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Q: I'm about to take my first vacation to Italy. What's a stylish shoe that's also comfortable for hours of sightseeing?
A: I'm envious—can I go with you? When traveling abroad, my motto is dress to fit in. Gym sneakers scream "tourist!" Besides museums and markets, you're going to be stopping at restaurants and boutiques, where overly casual shoes can look tacky.

Many of Rockport's styles, including several in the new spring collection, have Adidas technology that cushions feet with foam and rubberlike padding. Two pairs—one heeled, one flat—are all you'll need. I've arranged an exclusive discount on women's shoes at with code OPRAH through July 16.

See 4 pairs of shoes that are perfect for sightseeing

 silver sneaker  
This sophisticated sneaker doesn't look like it belongs on the track.

$100 ($80 after discount) 

Next: A flat shoe that pairs well with basics

The palette on this loafer works well with black pants, khakis, and denim.

$90 ($72 after discount)

Next: A comfortable wedge sandal

 wedge sandal  
A wedge sandal provides two extra inches without sacrificing comfort.

$100 ($80 after discount)

Next: A versatile pair of heels

This is the heel to take you straight from touring to dinner and dancing.

$110 ($88 after discount)

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