The Checklist

Adam Glassman's checklist for finding clothes that adapt to your figure.

Read Labels
For maximum stretch, check for spandex and Lycra. Gabardine and crepe naturally have more give than 100 percent cotton, silk, or linen.

Befriend the Belt
And the leather punch, which lets you add extra holes as needed to match your size.

Look for Clothes That are Ruched, Wrapped, or Draped
These details guide the eye away from problem areas and are flattering whether you're a size 4
or 14.

Pick the Right Pants
Shop for built-in stomach control panels or hidden elastic in the waistband. Brands like Not Your Daughter's Jeans offer support without being restricting.

Keep Things In Proportion
Roomy tops (like a peasant blouse) should be paired with fitted bottoms. Wearing a baggy shirt with loose bottoms makes you look bigger than you are.

Look Great at Any Size


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