The author of How Not to Look Old is back with the equally straight-talking How to Never Look Fat Again, tackling muffin top, back fat, arm flap, "Buddha belly," and other dreaded issues women face when dressing.
Adam Glassman: So, how are women to never look fat again?

Charla Krupp: The language has always been about body shape, as in, are you a pear or an apple? I never identified with that because it doesn't account for your height, your style, where you shop. So I developed a new language: high-fat, low-fat, and no-fat. Most of us should lose all the high-fat clothing in our closet.

AG: What makes a piece of clothing high-fat?

CK: If it's a bright color and the fit is too loose, it's going to make you look fat. Something that is dark and solid and has clean lines will not.

AG: What are some of the mistakes women make?

CK: Heavy women often try to hide in their clothes, but a big shirt or baggy pants give you an overall blob look. You want to show that you do have some shape. Accent your middle or shoulders. Another mistake is wearing jeans with sneakers. That's a very high-fat combination.

AG: What are your suggestions for dressing skinny this spring?

CK: Invest in a bra that puts your nipples midway between your shoulder and your elbow. Most women sag too low. The narrowest area on most of us is below our bra. Don' t rob yourself of that great, thin line. And the best shoes you can buy are heels that match your skin color. A lot of women have nice legs but sabotage themselves with a strappy shoe. Gladiator sandals should be worn only by women who watch Hannah Montana.

AG: How can we eliminate the scourge of muffin top?

CK: You want underwear, shapers, or stockings to rise as high as possible to get the smoothest line.

AG: Why write this book?

CK: Because I'm fatter than I've ever been. You hit 40 and the pounds don't roll off like they used to! My whole point is just relax. You don't have to give every living moment to dieting. If you're asking yourself, "Does this make me look fat?" the answer is yes. So fake it with your clothes.

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