Q: What causes "skin tags," and how can I get rid of them?

A: Just tell your dermatologist, "Remove my acrochordon, please." After the good doctor compliments you on your fine command of medical terminology, she will clean the skin tag (simply an overgrowth of cells, most often benign) with alcohol and then either snip it off with surgical scissors or freeze or burn it off. The procedure takes a few minutes, feels about as painful as a mosquito bite, and usually heals in 24 hours, says Steven H. Dayan, MD, clinical assistant professor in the division of facial plastic surgery at the University of Illinois. By late middle age, about 60 percent of people have skin tags. They tend to run in families, increase during pregnancy (estrogen and progesterone may influence their growth), and appear on the neck, under the breasts, or near the armpits.

Bottom line: Thank your genetics (or pregnancy) for your skin tags; a quick trip to the doctor will relieve you of them.

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