Her new handbag collection for CH Carolina Herrera is inspired by the citrus colors of her mom's spring 2012 collection—ideal for this time of year. The younger Carolina stopped by for some purse talk.
Why did you decide to do this line?
My mother always preferred smaller bags. She's extremely organized; she knows if anything in her bag is out of place [laughs].

So sneaking anything past your mother (at least when it comes to her purse) is out of the question?
Forget about taking $5 and her not noticing!

Does carrying a small purse run in the family?
I like something slightly bigger when I'm with the kids so that I can carry a book and things for them. But this style is good for days that I'm taking the basics and no more.

What size bag is ideal?
I never liked those super-huge bags where you can't find anything—they make you look like you're going to the airport.

What's your handbag philosophy?
Unless you're going to a formal event, bags shouldn't be matchy.
Mini Matryoshka bag, CH Caroline Herrera, $470 each; 212-744-2076. Photo: Courtesy of CH Carolina Herrera


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