Q: What can I do about the broken hairs around my hairline and all along my part?

A: Those hairs along your hairline probably aren't broken at all, says Gretchen Monahan, an expert hairstylist for Dove. I've always called that fuzz around my face baby hair (and for some reason I have a lot of it). It's finer than the rest of your hair, lies flat on your head, and doesn't grow very long before it falls out. Because it's fine, it is susceptible to damage, and it frames your face, so it's vulnerable to lots of styling. (We tend to style the hair around the face more than the back for obvious reasons.) Hair that sticks up along the part is damaged, says Monahan. Excessive chemical treatments, blow-drying, and the use of straightening irons all contribute to breakage. For baby hair along the hairline, apply a smoothing product before blow-drying, says Kattia Solano, founder of the Butterfly Studio Salon in New York City. After drying, apply a tiny bit of pomade or a cream (like Magic Move by Shinbi, $18). Treat broken hair along your part with an intense repair treatment (like Kérastase Forcintense, $36), says Adrian DeBerardinis, creative director of the Antonio Prieto Salon in New York City. And don't forget to coat your hair with a moisture spray (like Fekkai Coiff Defénse Pre-Style Thermal/UV Protectant, $25) or a leave-in product like a styling cream if you're using a tool with heat. This protects the hair and makes it easier to style, says Monahan. If you're afraid a styling cream will weigh down your hair, rub the product between your hands before applying, start at the ends, and work your way up to the roots to get a light, even application.

Bottom line: Deep conditioning once a week and using a styling cream will help prevent breakage and keep broken hair from standing up straight.


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