There’s a lot of pressure on women to be thin, young, and beautiful. In fact, one study on the perception of beauty published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found that being surrounded by beautiful people can make you feel considerably less satisfied with your own physical appearance. The study, conducted by psychologists Douglas Kenrick, Ph.D., Sara Gutierres, Ph.D., and Jenifer Patch at Arizona State University, concluded that, “If there are a large number of desirable members of one's own sex available, one may regard one's own market value as lower.” And with the surfeit of tall, skinny, beautiful actresses all over the television, the movie screen, and magazines, it’s easy for you to start feeling down on yourself.

But don’t let it get to you. Remember, all those famously perfect women you’re used to seeing are being helped by a big bag of tricks: bright lights, professional makeup artists, costume designers, personal trainers, production magic, and photographic digital enhancements. They also have one more bonus in their back pocket: a professional stylist telling them what they should (and shouldn't) wear to look their best. You may not have all those perks at your fingertips, but what you do have in your hands is a formula that can have a dramatic effect on how your figure appears. A simpler way to explain it may be the way I talk about it in real life with my clients. Basically, it's this. The foundation of this "science of sexy" boils down to two simple things:

1. Dress to balance your body.
2. Learn to conceal your flaws and reveal your assets.

By doing both, you will create a figure that looks beautifully proportioned and that gets attention in all the right places. Like a couture gown for the Oscars®, I've developed a style system custom-made to flatter every inch of you. 

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