A couture fashion designer with an atelier in Beverly Hills, Bradley Bayou is taking the same formula he uses on his celebrity clients to make women of all shapes and sizes look their best with his book The Science of Sexy.
I want you to try an experiment. Pick up any women’s magazine and look at all of the women inside. Flip through the pages while you are standing in line at the grocery store if you have to, and look at all the models, especially those in the ads. You will quickly notice something about these women: Most of them are young, beautiful, tall, and very skinny. The problem? That shape is not normal.

Let’s be real here for a second. The average fashion model is about 5'10", 115 pounds, and a size 4 at most. Now, consider this: The average American woman is 5'4", 164 pounds, and a size 14. In fact, half the women in this country wear a size 14 or above. Yet most of the clothes you find in stores are designed for tall, skinny fashion models. The problem is, the majority of women might not even look good wearing those clothes!

Today, most fashion books and magazine articles fail to distinguish the differences in body types when it comes to giving fashion advice. And they use vague lists of descriptors for how to look taller or thinner.

I have turned dressing into a science, literally. I began with a science called anthropometry. Anthropometry is the measure of the human form. It involves gathering statistical data on the variations in body dimensions across the population, all of which plays a huge role in clothing design. Cutting-edge scientific studies on anthropometry have proven the existence of many figure shapes. In fact, a national organization called SizeUSA conducted a study of 10,000 American men and women using a TC2 machine. This machine scans the body in less than six seconds, accurately measuring 200,000 data points on the body to produce a 3-D true-to-scale image of each human body. I have used this information to create a basic fashion formula that works for every type of figure.

The result? I can make women of all shapes and sizes look better. You’re not the only woman who wants to improve her look. Believe me, even the most beautiful stars feel they need serious help. It’s no wonder.


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