Boot-cut pants

Boot Cut
This cut of these pants runs straight from the hip to the knee, then flares slightly from the knee to the ankle.

Boot cut is a great cut for everyone because it creates a long leg and balances hips no matter what your shape or size.
Cargo pants

Cargo Pants
Originally created to hold gear for the military, these casual pants are known for the numerous pockets sewn onto the outside of the pants, often at the hip, thigh and/or knees.

Cargo pants add weight to your bottom half, so it's good for an inverted triangle or can compliment an already-balanced shape such as an hourglass. If you are a rectangle, choose a pair with pockets at the hip area to add curves below your waist and make your waist appear smaller than your hips.
Cropped pants

Cropped Pants
These straight-leg pants can be hemmed anywhere from just above the ankle to just below the knee. (Similarly, short pants that are more fitted and tapered to the knee are called "capri pants.")

If you are short, wear cropped pants hemmed to hit just above your calves—this will make you appear taller.
Flared pants

Flared Pants
The cut of these pants runs straight from the hip to the knee, then flares dramatically from the knee, steadily outward to the ankle. (They're also called "bell-bottoms.")

Flared pants draw your eye to the floor. They are best for taller, leaner shapes; other shapes will end up looking unbalanced and shorter than they are.
Low-rise pants

Low-Rise Pants
Because the "rise" between the crotch and waistband is low, the fastening button or snap of these pants fits a few inches below the navel, and the top of the pant hits just above the hips.

Low-rise pants are good for inverted triangle with a wide waistband and pockets at the hip to add curves to your shape.
Pressed-creased pants.

Pressed-Creased Pants
These dress slacks feature a strong, ironed crease running down the font of both legs, from the hip height to ankle.

Pressed-creased pants a good fit for petite and small frames, creating a strong vertical line that will make you appear taller.
Men's trousers

Men's Trousers
Styled just like the traditional men's trousers, these dress pants are cut to fall straight from the hip with slanted side pockets and cuffs.

A high-waisted trouser will make thighs appear long and lean, an excellent choice for triangles and those of you with shorter frames.
Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants
These versatile pants with extra-wide flare are often mistaken for a skirt and are available in a variety of styles that go from casual to evening. (The cropped version of these are called "gauchos.")

Be careful because these can add or hide weight. They will fall easily over the hips of a triangle without adding volume to the bottom, but if put on a petite frame, they can be overwhelming.
Skinny jeans

Skinny Jeans
This style of jeans is tight-fitting through the waist, hips and thighs, then tapers down, hugging the calves and ankles. (It's also called a "cigarette pant.")

Skinny jeans are best suited for an hourglass.
Stovepipe pants

Stovepipe pants
Basically, a slightly tighter version of straight-leg pants, this style is fitted to the knee, then falls straight to the ankle.

Stovepipe pants work for inverted triangles; they hit at the lower hips, which will add a bit of weight there to balance a strong shoulder.
Straight-leg pants

Straight-leg pants
The cut of these pants runs straight from the hip to the knee, then straight from the knee to the ankle, with no taper or flare.

Straight-leg pants are good for a triangle because they add fullness below the knees to balance. They also work for an hourglass shape because these pants will fit snug at your hips and then fall straight to your ankles. As an added bonus for shorter frames, this cut will give you a the illusion of being taller than you actually are.

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