Ankle strap

Ankle Strap
Best suited for taller, thinner legs. The ankle strap can cut the line of the leg, making it seem less long and lean.
Chunky heel

Chunky Heel
Also best for taller and thinner legs, a thicker heel can be too heavy for a shorter frame and will draw attention down, taking away from a long and lean silhouette.
Cutaway arch

Cutaway Arch
Can be used on shorter legs to make them appear longer and leaner. The cutaway and pointy toe add length to the leg. This is a good choice if you need a lower heel but still want to benefits of a higher heel.

Flats can work for any body, but be sure to notice that a pointier toe will elongate your legs—good for petites and heavier legs, while a more rounded toe works better on longer, leaner legs.
Kitten Heel

Kitten Heel
A kitten heel is a great substitute for a high heel. It will be a trend this summer and is a sexy option for gaining some height and lengthening a petite or heavier leg without killing yourself in a high heel.
Knee-High Boot

Knee-High Boot
Knee-high boots will cut your leg in half unless worn with matching tights. This may not be the best choice for petites or heavier legs; however, if you are tall and lean, a knee-high boot can be used to balance an outfit and your proportions to complete an outfit.
Peep toe shoe

Peep-Toe Shoe
Works for all body shapes, heights and weights. It is extra sexy when paired with a platform for extra height. It does not break the line of the leg, creating a long, lean silhouette. Plus, it shows a couple toes and maybe a pop of toenail color—very sexy!
Pointy-toed heel

Pointy-Toed Heel
Also works for almost all bodies. I do not recommend it for taller, leaner legs, as it will only make you seem taller and leaner. However, for the rest of you, it is a closet must-have, especially in black!
Round-toed heel

Round-Toed Heel
Best for taller, leaner bodies; it cuts the line of the leg and can make shorter, heavier legs seem shorter and heavier.
Square-toed heel

Square-Toed Heel
Good only for taller, leaner legs, as it cuts the line of the leg abruptly in a similar manner to the round-toed heel.
Sling back

Sling Back
Perfect for all body types. This is style is also nice with a platform for added height and can be found with a peep toe. This combination makes for a very sexy shoe!
Strappy stiletto

Strappy Stiletto
Also good for all body types—just be careful not to choose one that has an ankle strap if that does not suit your body type.

Excellent for all body types. This is a great choice if you need the stability of a thicker heel but should stay away from a chunky heel. A wedge can also be found in a variety of heel heights and with a platform for added height.

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