Where should you measure?
When measuring your chest to find the best band size, Nordstrom's top bra fitter Sandra Saffle says to make sure the measuring tape is secured low and snug on the back. Most women secure their bra band too high on the back, causing the band to ride up and the cup to fall forward. Also, make sure to lift the breast tissue up when measuring—that way the tape is snug on the rib cage.

If your bra band lies across your shoulder blades, you've got it all wrong, Sandra says. The band should fit around the smallest part of your back.

What should big-busted women watch out for?
Finding the right size isn't as simple for women with a bountiful bust. Sandra suggests that big-busted women lift their arms up after securing the bra band to make sure they are not dropping out of the bottom of the cup. If you have spillage, then your cup size is too small!

What's the deal with underwire?
Wire circumference is crucial, Sandra says. Your underwire should surround and support your breast—not poke into it! If the wire pulls away from the body in the center, then the cup size is too small.

To test your underwire, Sandra says you should sit down when trying on a bra. That's a great way to make sure your bra isn't pulling away from your body. The cups should be secure against the breasts with the center of the underwire flush against the cleavage area.

Are you in cup denial?
Ladies, admit it. You're probably in cup denial. Sandra says most women don't like to accept their true size. But, remember, your bra size is like your shoe size…if the shoe fits, nobody else needs to know the size!

You'll feel more comfortable and attractive in the correct cup size, whether it's an A or E, Sandra says. Like a new shoe, a new bra should also be a little snug at first. As the Lycra relaxes, your bra will become looser on the body.

What bras should petite women wear?
Women with a petite figure and a smaller bust should look for bras with defined cups. Although petites may not need heavy-duty support, Sandra says a structured cup helps accentuate the body's silhouette under clothing.

How does weight affect your bra's fit?
If your weight goes up or down by as little as five pounds, Sandra says it's time to refit your bra. When your clothing size changes, so does your cup size!

What types of bras should you buy?
You may have a favorite bra…but you shouldn't wear it both when you go out and when you work out! Nordstrom's bra expert says one bra style will not work for all fashions and functions.

You may not need a strapless bra, a sports bra and a bustier, but you should think about your lifestyle and wardrobe needs before buying a brassiere, Sandra says.

What's the best way to find a brassiere to revere?
Go see a certified bra fitter! Sandra says every brand fits a little differently, depending on the style and where it is manufactured. If you have professional help, you'll know what to look for when you visit the lingerie department alone.