Are You Happy with Your Looks?
Unlimited options to "fix" every "problem," with knives, needles, or lasers—not to mention Photoshop—have created a standard of beauty (Bambi eyelashes! moonlike white teeth!) practically guaranteed to make you want to shatter your mirror.

What's a sane woman to do? Keep reading for a rich mix of viewpoints, including a surprising glimpse into what O readers, young and older, really think about the way they look.

Do You Like Your Appearance?
60s: 64%
Teens 69.3%

Do You Look Good for Your Age?

60s: 88.3%
Teens 80.2%

"Isn't it great that we seem only a little less satisfied as we get older? I wish more than two-thirds of both groups felt that way!"—Valerie Monroe, Beauty Director

How Do You Feel About the Way You Look?
(The most-selected from a list of nine descriptors)

Grateful: 52.2%
Satisfied: 46.1%
Self-conscious: 32.6%
Dissatisfied: 28.7%
Happy: 27.4%

Self-conscious: 50%
Satisfied: 42.9%
Grateful: 40.5%
Happy: 36.9%
Dissatisfied: 26.2%

"I see in magazines how my hair should look, and girls on TV who are 20 pounds lighter. If I had someone to do my hair and a trainer, I could be like that. But it's hard to both think that way and be happy with how you look."—Kateyln Labarre, 18, Southborough, Massachusetts

Are You Concerned About Aging?

60s: 67.6%
Teens: 43.2%

"Guaranteed: In five years, these teens will wonder what they were concerned about!"—Valerie Monroe

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Have You Ever Used Photo-Altering Software to Change a Photograph of Yourself?

60s: 8.5%
Teens: 59.1%

Plastic surgery

Have You Ever Considered Plastic Surgery?

60s: 43.7%
Teens: 45.5%

"More teens have considered plastic surgery? One possible explanation: As you age, the trauma of elective surgery is less enticing."—Valerie Monroe

Have You Ever Had Plastic Surgery?

60s: 15.4%
Teens: 4.5%


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Do You Think You Have a Healthy Body Image?

60s: 62.1%
Teens: 56.8%

"Happily, it seems that some acceptance comes with age. Sadly, not very much."—Valerie Monroe

Are You Happy With Your Body?

60s: 37.7%
Teens: 43.2%

"How can you believe you have a healthy body image...and not be happy with your body?"—Valerie Monroe

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Why Do Your Exercise?

To Stay Healthy
60s: 65.5%
Teens: 28.6%

To Lose Weight
60s: 11.6%
Teens: 33.3%

To Change the Shape of My Body
60s: 6.5%
Teens: 19%

"I'm exercising more than I ever have before. I do a mile walk three days a week, and Zumba. I want to be healthy, to live a long life—and I want to enjoy ice cream with my grandchildren without feeling like I need to count calories." —Robin Munoz, 60, Bay Village, Ohio

How Do You Think Others Would Describe the Way You Look?
Attractive: 60s: 63.2% / Teens: 39.8%

Approachable: 60s: 57.4% / Teens: 49.4%

Kind: 60s: 55.2% / Teens: 65.1%

Confident: 60s: 55.2% / Teens: 33.7%

Smart: 60s: 42.6% / Teens: 53%

Interesting: 60s: 32.3% / Teens: 33.7%

Pretty: 60s: 30.5% / Teens: 63.9%

Average: 60s: 25.6% / Teens: 49.4%

Sexy: 60s: 13.9% / Teens: 19.3%

Beautiful: 60s: 12.1% / Teens: 33.7%

Plain: 60s: 8.5% / Teens: 16.9%

Old: 60s: 6.3% / Teens: 2.4%

Exotic: 60s: 5.4% / Teens: 9.6%

Unattractive: 60s: 1.3% / Teens: 8.4%

Ugly: 60s: 0.9% / Teens: 2.4%

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