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How Bobbi Took Tai from Pretty to Pretty Powerful:
Tai's Problem: I love makeup, sometimes too much. I can spend hours putting it on, trying out a liquid liner or some new "look," when all I really need is to put on my makeup and head out the door. What's a classic, streamlined routine that will always make me look good?

Bobbi's Pretty Powerful Solution: Makeup is something you can easily get lost in, especially when you're a beauty junkie. So many colors and textures; so many ways to go. Bobbi's go-to system for a polished, modern look is her 10-step routine, which she developed so any woman can be her own makeup artist. It seems like a lot but can actually be done quickly and cleanly once you know it. The trick is to start with clean, moisturized skin and make sure you do all the steps in the right order:

1. Corrector/concealer
2. Foundation
3. Powder
4. Blush
5. Lipstick
6. Lip liner
7. Brows
8. Eyeshadow
9. Eyeliner
10. Mascara