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How Bobbi Took Alexis from Pretty to Pretty Powerful
Alexis' Problem: "I want to look like I have perfect skin—even and healthy, with no dark circles—without looking like I have tons of foundation and makeup on. I want to look like I'm not wearing anything. Is this even possible?"

Bobbi's Pretty Powerful Solution: Foundation is the surest way to get smooth, even-looking skin. Many women are intimidated by it, but when applied correctly, the effect can be incredibly natural. Bobbi's first choice for precise, flawless coverage is her Stick Foundation. The trick is to spot-apply it where you need coverage—usually around the nose, on the chin and any little spots—then blend it lightly patting it into skin until it disappears. Let it settle for a few minutes, then double-check your reflection to see the true effect. Put on more wherever is needed. Follow with a dusting of sheer powder bronzer to add a pretty, healthy glow, and even out any color differences.