Kate Sandoval makeovers

Photos: Olivia Barr

Presto Change-o!
Contributing associate beauty editor Kate Sandoval bravely tries out four new looks on DailyMakeover.com (that's her au natural on the top left). 

Here's how to get started

Photo: Courtesy of DailyMakeover.com

DailyMakeover.com offers thousands of hair, makeup, and accessory choices: You can even whiten your teeth. Or check out how you'd look in new eyeglass frames. (The first photo upload is free; for $15, you can use more photos; choose from more hairstyles; and print, save, or post your makeover.)

Especially good for: Playing with options. There's hardly any look you can't approximate on this site.
Clairol.com virtual makeovers

Photo: Courtesy of Clairol.com

Visit Clairol.com to try any of Clairol's 235 shades—no mess, no cost, no commitment.

Especially good for: Avoiding unfortunate mistakes. Choosing hair dye at the drugstore is often a gamble (do you want natural light brown? medium neutral brown?). But when you upload your photo and actually see your entire head of hair in a different color, the perfect one seems immediately obvious.
MaryKay.com virtual makeovers

Photo: Courtesy of MaryKay.com

If you want to try a complete makeup line all in one place (or if you're a Mary Kay fanatic), MaryKay.com is your go-to site. Select your lipstick, lip liner, gloss, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and cheek color.

Especially good for: Seeing how a pro makeup job looks on you. Click on Get Makeup Artist Looks to try different trends (like a "spring" or an "urban" palette).
Lift magic virtual makeovers

Photo: Courtesy of LiftMagic.com

Have you ever wondered how you'd look after having a little work done? Check out LiftMagic.com, where a program allows you to manipulate your features to (approximately) mimic a neck lift, nose reduction, or lip augmentation, for example.

Especially good for:
Figuring out whether you'd like a consultation with a plastic surgeon.