Vera Wang shows off her new line.

Go behind the scenes of O, The Oprah Magazine's September 2007 fashion shoot with Vera Wang for her new smashing—and affordable—Simply Vera line available at Kohl's stores nationwide.

Here, Vera poses with her creation for the opening shot. This embellished tank dress ($138) includes a raised waist and a floaty skirt that we think are genius for lower-body camouflauge.
A model gets her makeup done.

Before she dons a surprise mix of casual and dressy Vera duds, Nancy Viglione, 44, gets her makeup done by artist Jamie Melbourne using MAC Cosmetics.
Hairdresser George Ortiz

Hairdresser George Oritz wields hairspray.
Last-minute adjustments

Stylist Kate Moody and George Oritz make last-minute adjustments on model Yoon Paik, 25. They decide to keep the black shirred neck jacket ($78) loose and open to show off her pale mauve shell ($54) and poufy jacquard skirt ($98) in navy. "There's no wrong way to mix these colors," Vera says.
Creative director Adam Glassman's adjustments

O's creative director Adam Glassman adjusts Yoon on set.
Sketches of a possible layout

The staff references stylist Kate Moody's sketches of a possible layout. As the day goes on, Polaroids are placed on the table to replicate real pages. This way, the editors can be sure the lighting is just how they want it.
A model in Simply Vera's evening look

Model Susan Hersh, 44, checks herself out in Vera's evening look—a brocade coat ($138) that is an opulent topper for black jeans ($50) and a tie-front shirt ($54).
Models enter the wind.

Now ready for a night on the town, Susan joins Jocelyn Taylor, 42, and Lea Sorensen, 47, in the "wind." Photographer Mark Royce shoots them in relaxed shapes made from luxurious fabrics like Lea's foil tee ($34) and gold brocade skirt ($68).
How Simply Vera feels

Kaecia Derry, 38, now wearing her own clothes, talks to associate editor Brooke Glassberg about how Vera's line made her feel. "Hotness" is her verdict on her trendy ankle boots.
Photographer Mark Royce changes film.

Photographer Mark Royce changes film between frames with the help of his assistant.

Clothing and accessories from Simply Vera Vera Wang can be purchased at Kohl's stores and online at All prices were accurate at the time of publication. Prices and availability are subject to change.