Beauty Experiment: At-Home Pedicure
I'm not a DIY beauty girl. The closest I get to doing my own pedicure is slathering my feet in lotion and pulling on a pair of socks. I'm always up for an adventure, though, so I was game to try the Sally Hansen Salon GelPolish system on my toes. Here's how it works:

1. Apply base coat.

2. Put your foot (or hand) inside the LED light box for 30 seconds (it automatically turns off when time is up). This sets (or "cures") the polish.

3. Apply two coats of color. The key to success: very thin coats. My first time around, I painted the polish on too thick and it peeled right off.

4. Cure color with the light for 30 seconds after each coat.

5. Apply top coat; cure for 30 seconds. Use an alcohol-soaked pad (included in the kit) to wipe away the sticky residue on the surface of your nails. They're instantly dry!

6. A perfect (DIY) ten.

($70 for starter kit, $20 for refill kit of base and top coats and cleanser pads; drugstores)

—Gayle King, editor-at-large

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