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Beauty Experiment: Lash and Brow Tint
"Don't open your eyes!" commanded eyebrow expert Eliza Petrescu as she gently pushed a cotton-tipped applicator dipped in blue-black vegetable dye down to the roots of my eyelashes. (I know: Yikes!) With some anxiety, I wondered whether my closed lids were completely sealed. Eliza had placed adhesive patches under my eyes to protect my skin, but preserving my sight was evidently up to me. "Keep not opening them," said Eliza, now brushing the dye through my lashes with a bare mascara wand. She waited about five (long) minutes before she swiped a cotton pad soaked in water over each eye to remove the excess dye. "Okay, open up," she said, and the moment I did, she popped one drop of Visine into each eye. I looked at Eliza, so glad to see her.

"Now close your eyes!" she said, before using another applicator to cover my brows with an auburn-brown vegetable dye, followed by a bare mascara wand to brush the dye through. This color she left on for only about two minutes because she wanted to keep my brows a natural shade and because they were flecked with just a few gray hairs. (If I'd had more of those, she would have left the dye on a minute or two longer.) To be sure she wouldn't stain the skin around my brows, she wiped the area with a mixture of toner and almond oil. Then she passed me a mirror so I could evaluate her handiwork. Blue-black lashes! Distinctive brows! And a greatly increased appreciation of a skilled aesthetician. ($65 for lash tint, $45 for brow tint;

Verdict: Do it if you have some gray in your brows or pale lashes.

—Valerie Monroe, beauty director