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Beauty Experiment: Press-On Wrinkle Treatment
When I was asked to take part in this beauty adventure story, I thought, Jackpot! What would they ask me to try? Botox? A fancy spa treatment? Then came the official beauty department e-mail: "How about face-smoothing patches you apply at home?" Er, okay.

According to the package, the BioBliss Anti-Wrinkle Patch System contains micro-current technology that infuses the skin with hyaluronic acid, peptides and other plumping ingredients to reduce the appearance of fine lines. I used both the forehead and eye-area patches. When I peeled off the thick, rubbery pads after 30 minutes, my pesky frown lines did appear less deep. By the end of the day, though, I looked as fine-lined and unplumped as ever. The directions suggest using the system weekly for more lasting results; I think I'll just cross my fingers and wait for next year's beauty adventures. ($25 each;

Verdict: Skip it!

—Naomi Barr, research chief