Day 3: Blue-Stained Toes

When boot season is in full swing, I'll admit that I don't give my feet much thought. So when I finally removed the rushed navy polish job that I applied before wearing peep-toes on an unusually warm spring day, I was left with hypothermic-looking blue nails.

The fix: Prepping nails with a base coat helps prevent staining, says manicurist and owner of Rescue Beauty Lounge in New York City, Ji Baek. But if the damage is already done, Baek recommends using one cotton pad soaked in polish remover per nail. If there is still pigment left over on the nail, coat your nails with olive oil and use a buffing block in an X-motion from top to bottom over the surface (this helps get at corners first). Since nails will be especially porous after this process, wait a few days to apply polish.

Day 4: Foundation Film

Only recently have I started wearing eyeglasses. Every time I take them off, however, I find that there's foundation caked along the frames and red spots on either side of my nose where the bridge rests. I've tried applying primer (which makes my undereye area look dry) and finishing with translucent powder (which settles into fine lines by midday), but I couldn't find a solution to make my base stick to my skin—instead of my glasses.

The fix: After applying foundation, press a blotting paper in the area where your frames sit to absorb any residual moisture or excess product, says makeup artist Rebecca Restrepo. To tone down spots on the sides of your nose, use a dab of concealer or foundation that's left in the bottle's cap or along the inside rim (Restrepo says product in those places is a bit dryer and thicker) to cancel any redness. Pat and roll—instead of rubbing it in—for more coverage.

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