"Makeup should change, the way clothing does, in the colder seasons," says the New York City makeup artist. Here are her tips for updating your routine as temperatures dip.

1. Just add water. Moisturize winter skin by adding a drop or two of water to liquid foundation; swirl them together in your hand as you apply. If you use powder, lightly spray your face with water a few minutes before application.

2. Tone it down. To make your favorite bright eyeshadow a slightly warmer shade for winter, mix it with brown: "It will deepen the color without changing it too much."

3. Beware of bronzer. "It can be so far from a woman's natural winter skin tone that it can look like orange or red smudges on the face," so adjust it as your summer tan fades.

4. Mascara for all seasons. "I always really accentuate the lashes," says Restrepo. Her foolproof technique: Use only black mascara, scraping the wand's excess onto the top of the tube before you start, "the way you would a knife on the side of a plate." Then keep working the wand into your lashes until they look really dark and feathery. "Even if you don't think there's still mascara left on that wand, there will be tons!"

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